DOBBY 口袋無人機
品 牌: zerotech
型 號: DOBBY
狀態: 有現貨
  • HKD$2,999


ZETA 影片介紹


Weight (Including Battery) 199g
Length (Not Including Propellers)
Folded Up:135mm×67mm×36.8mm
Maximum Usage Height (Meters Above Sea Level) 3000m
Flight Duration 9min(At 0m Above Sea Level)
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40°C
Positioning System Outdoors:GPS/GLONASS Dual Band Optical Flow + Ultrasonic Wave(Illuminance>15 Lux)
Maximum Height Using GPS According To Your Country’s Regulations
Controlling Distance 100m (In Open Area With No Obstructions)
Maximum Height Using Optic Flow 3m
Hovering Accuracy Vertical:+/-0.1 Meters(During Normal Operation With Optical Flow Positioning);+/-0.5 Meters (Outdoors) Horizontal:+/- 0.3 Metres(During Normal Operation With Optical Flow Positioning);+/- 1.0 Meters(Outdoors)